Choosing the right outsourced development team is the first step to a successful collaboration. But once you’ve chosen the right team, you have to make sure you’re aligned with them — and that the relationship goes smoothly throughout the whole project.

We’ve worked with many clients as their outsourced development partner, and these are the 10 key things we recommend to successfully manage your relationship with an external development team.

1. Communication is essential.

Right at the start of the engagement, it’s important to understand the culture around communication for the external team, and how it differs from yours. …

“I need this demo in 4 weeks, and it has to be functional and match our mockups. Can you do it?”

Normally if developers hear this sort of timeline, they run for the hills, away from the client’s unrealistic expectations. But when we heard this from Amy Yin, we knew it was different. Amy’s startup, OfficeTogether, had an opportunity to seize — and we could help her do it.

What Is OfficeTogether?

The idea for OfficeTogether was born in 2020 out of a new need for companies to make work more flexible while still being productive. …

Oftentimes, when we’re exploring a possible engagement with a potential client, the client asks if they can technically assess the Amplifiers who will be assigned to their team. Our answer to this request, however, is no. Here’s why.

3 Reasons Why We Don’t Allow Technical Assessments

You are engaging Amplified, not individual contractors.

First, please understand that you are hiring Amplified, the startup studio, and not individual contractors. Amplified as a whole is the development partner, and we are in the business of mobilizing great teams. …

In Part I, we covered why our team at Amplified decided to make the switch to CI/CD for a project and what benefits CI/CD could provide to us. In Part II, we’ll explore what we used and the details of our process.

As mentioned in Part I, this implementation came about when we were faced with a very short turnaround time and needed to integrate new code continuously, make sure everything was smooth before it launched, and catch bugs as they occurred. Overall, the endeavor was successful.

How We Got Started

We began by implementing the continuous development aspect of CI/CD on Github, an…

Every software development team has its own deployment process according to its needs, and for a long time, our team at Amplified did deployments at the end of a sprint. However, we recently made the switch to a continuous integration/continuous delivery/deployment (CI/CD) process — here’s why.

Signs We Needed To Switch to CI/CD

It’s important to note here that while we recognized that CI/CD makes the most sense for certain projects, we haven’t switched over exclusively to CI/CD for all our projects. Some of our teams on different projects continue to use regular sprints and deploy at the end of a sprint. …

As we discussed in our last blog, outsourcing your software development is the right choice as a startup. But now that you’ve decided to do so, how do you choose the right software development company to bring your project to life? There are a few vital aspects to consider, from their stack to your budget and more.

Ask for referrals

Start with what you know — or in this case who you know. Ask contacts at companies you trust, especially other startups, who they’ve worked with for software development. You can also ask in online startup communities and groups. …

Launching a startup isn’t easy, and along with building the right team, finding funding, and making a strong business and marketing plan, there is a crucial element to consider: who will handle the software development?

Some startups choose to take software development in-house: they hire a team of developers for their team and task them with bringing their idea to life. But many startups decide to outsource the development instead. …

About The Client

Originally from France and now based in Los Angeles, Victoire Duprez was looking to launch her own recruitment agency at the end of 2020, and she knew she needed new branding and a fresh website.

Victoire adds a personal touch to her job, and knew she wanted a branding agency that would give her the same personal touch. She contacted 3–4 agencies and a few freelancers to start finding her own perfect match.

After interviewing several agencies, including Amplified, it was down to Amplified and one other agency. Victoire felt that the other agency was just selling to her instead…

If you’re planning to build a better app and grow your business, Firebase might be the answer.

Firebase is a Google-backed platform for creating web and mobile apps. It provides technologies that help you develop applications with a real-time database, remote configuration, cloud messaging, and more. Let’s explore why we at Amplified chose Firebase and the benefits you can get from it with your own project.

How We Use Firebase

At Amplified, we needed to deliver an MVP in just 2 weeks, and Firebase seemed to be the right solution for that. …

When starting your software project, the budget and timeline are essential. You go to your software developer and ask them to give you a software estimation: how much will this cost me, and when can I expect it to be completed?

However, this isn’t the easiest question for software developers to answer. Here’s how Amplified estimates software projects — and why it’s not as simple as you might think.

Why Is Software Estimation So Hard?

Think about building a house. You know how much material you need given the square footage and the schematics. You know the raw cost of the material. You know how much…

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